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Have you been searching for a reliable roofing company to handle your home's needs? Look no further than Pelican Bay Roofing! Our website is the perfect place to get all of the information you need about our services and how we can help you with any roof-related problems. We guarantee that if you choose us, you'll be in good hands.

Our team at Pelican Bay Roofing has years of experience providing high quality solutions for residential roofs. We specialize in both new construction projects and repairs on existing roofs. Whether it's asphalt shingle replacements or metal roof installations, our experts will make sure the job is done right. And because safety is always our top priority, we only use materials from trusted manufacturers that meet local building codes.

With Pelican Bay Roofing, there are plenty of advantages when it comes to customer service. From start to finish, we’ll work closely with you so that your vision becomes a reality. You won't have to worry about delays either - our crew can complete most jobs within two weeks or less! So don't wait any longer – give us a call today and let us show you why Pelican Bay Roofing should be your go-to choice for all your roofing needs.

Superior Roofing Services In Florida

Roof Replacement

At Pelican Bay Roofing, we understand the importance of reliable roof repair and replacement services. That's why we provide budget-friendly solutions and superior customer service to ensure you get the best value for your money. With years of experience in the industry, our reputation speaks for itself. We have earned the trust of many satisfied customers and are the top choice for roofing needs. Don't settle for less - choose Pelican Bay Roofing for all your roofing requirements!

Roof Repair

If the damage to your roof is not too severe and the parts needed to fix it are easily obtainable, repairing it could be an option worth considering. To find out more about how we can help you, have a look at our roof repair services.

Leak Remediation

If you notice water seeping through your ceiling or running down your walls, it is likely that your roof is leaking. This is an extremely important problem that homeowners must take care of.

Replacing Roof

Finding A Reputable Roofing Company

Are you in need of roof installation, repair, replacement, maintenance or inspection? Finding the right roofing company to work with can be overwhelming. It's important to do your research and ensure that the contractor has a good reputation for quality service. Check reviews from past customers to get an idea of what kind of services they provide. Ask around friends and family who have had experience with different contractors in the area. Make sure that any potential contractors are licensed and insured so that you can rest assured their work will meet industry standards and local regulations. Additionally, always ask for detailed quotes up front and make sure to include a warranty on all services provided by the contractor. To guarantee successful results, it's best to choose a team of certified professionals like Pelican Bay Roofing who specialize in the specific project at hand. With our experienced staff and quality materials, we'll help find a solution tailored to your needs without breaking your budget.

Types Of Roofing Services

At Pelican Bay Roofing, we offer a range of roofing services to meet your needs. Our experienced team can provide roof inspections, roof restoration, and leak detection services. We also specialize in the installation and repair of various types of roof shingles and tiles.

Our knowledgeable staff will assess your property’s unique characteristics to determine which type of roof is best suited for you. Whether it be asphalt or metal shingles, clay or concrete tile, our experts will ensure that each product is installed with precision craftsmanship so that your structure has superior protection from the elements for years to come.

Tile Roofing

With their expertise in all aspects of residential and commercial roofs, Pelican Bay Roofing has the knowledge you need for peace of mind about your home or business's investment in quality materials and workmanship.

Shingle Roof

Benefits Of Choosing Pelican Bay Roofing

At Pelican Bay Roofing, we understand the importance of having a quality roof that is installed professionally. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing you with quality workmanship and superior customer service. We use only the highest-grade materials so that your roof will last for years without any problems. Whether you need a new roof installation or an existing one repaired, our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.

We offer competitive pricing on all types of roofs, from asphalt shingle to metal, cedar shake and tile. And because we take pride in our products and services, all of our projects come with a satisfaction guarantee. So when you choose us for your roofing needs, you can rest assured knowing that it’s being handled by knowledgeable professionals who care about delivering excellent results.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just offering top-notch products and services. We provide ongoing support throughout every step of the process – from helping you select the best materials for your home to ensuring proper installation techniques are used during construction. With Pelican Bay Roofing, you can count on professional and quality installation every time.

Reasons People Choose Pelican Bay Roofing

Quality Materials

We supply and install only the best quality materials available on the market to ensure your roof lasts a lifetime


Fully accredited online by numerous organizations and with may 5-star reviews on Google

Qualified Workers

We have the know-how and professionalism you can rely on to give you peace of mind throughout your roofing project


Our phone line is always open for any questions, issues or concerns you may have regarding your roofing project


We attend to your needs as soon as possible with the appropriate courtesy, care and diligence


We provide our valued customers with a full one-year warranty on our workmanship and material-based warranties

Professional And Quality Installation

At Pelican Bay Roofing, we understand the importance of having a quality installation for your roof. That’s why our experienced and professional technicians strive to provide you with an efficient and effective job every time. We use only the highest-grade materials to ensure that your roof will last for years to come. Our team is committed to providing exceptional service from start to finish; they take pride in their workmanship and make sure that each project meets our strict standards.

We are also dedicated to meeting your budget by offering competitive prices on all of our services. We believe in transparency when it comes to pricing, so you can rest assured knowing that there won't be any hidden fees or surprises at the end of the job. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your roof was installed correctly and safely, giving you maximum protection against the elements for years down the line.

 Roof Repair

Metal Roofing

What To Expect During The Installation Process

When you choose Pelican Bay Roofing for your roof installation, we’ll make sure the process is as seamless and quick as possible. Here are a few steps to expect during the process:

1. We will first inspect your existing roof, ensuring that there aren't any structural issues or underlying problems with your current system before installing a new one.

2. Our team of experienced professionals will then remove any old materials from the building if necessary; this includes shingles, flashing, underlayment, etc.

3. Next, our crew will install all components needed for a complete roof replacement including felt paper and drip edge trimming around perimeter walls before proceeding with asphalt shingle installation.

Once all materials have been properly secured in place and inspected by our foreman, we'll clean up any debris from the area and provide photos of work upon request. This ensures that everything has gone according to plan and that you're completely satisfied with the results of your new roof installation! With these simple steps taken care of, you can rest assured knowing that your home is fully protected against mother nature's elements without worry or hassle.

People Say The Nicest Things

Pelican Bay Roofing was a great choice for my recent roofing project! They were very professional and knowledgeable about their work. I was impressed with their quick response time and their prices were very fair. I would recommend them to anyone looking for reliable roofing services.

Troy Cook

I recently had the pleasure of working with Pelican Bay Roofing and I am very pleased with the results. They were able to finish the work quickly and the quality of the work was outstanding. The team was always friendly and helpful and they made sure that I was satisfied with their work. Highly recommended!

Benjamin Clinger

Pelican Bay Roofing did an incredible job on my roof. They were prompt and efficient, and the quality of their work was outstanding. I was very impressed with their customer service and the way they handled the project from start to finish. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for roofing services.

Ashley Johnson

Leak Repair Solutions

We understand how frustrating it can be when your roof begins to leak. It's important that you act quickly, before any further damage is done. At Pelican Bay Roofing, we provide a range of leak repair solutions tailored specifically to meet the needs of each individual customer.

Our experienced team will assess the situation and recommend the best course of action for your particular problem. We use only the highest quality materials so that our customers have complete peace of mind in knowing their roofs are receiving proper care and attention from professionals who really know what they're doing. From minor fixes and patchwork to more extensive repairs, Pelican Bay Roofing has got you covered!

Tile Roofing Options

Tile roofing is a popular choice for homeowners, thanks to its aesthetic appeal and durability. It comes in various styles and colors that enable you to customize your home's look. Tile roofs are also highly fire-resistant, making them ideal for areas prone to wildfires. Plus, they're low maintenance and can last up to 50 years with proper care.

The downside of tile roofing is their cost; installation may be expensive depending on the size of your home or project. Additionally, tiles can be heavy and require extra structural support during installation. When selecting a material for your roof, consider all factors carefully before deciding what best fits your needs – both now and in the future.

Metal Roofing Advantages

Metal is an incredibly strong material and can stand up to all kinds of weather conditions. It's highly durable and doesn't require much maintenance. This makes it a great choice for homeowners who want something that will last them a long time with minimal effort required. Plus, metal roofs come in many styles and colors so you can find one that fits your home perfectly.

Metal roofs are also energy efficient as they reflect heat away from the home, helping keep cooling costs down during hotter months. They're also fire resistant which provides extra protection against potential disasters. Additionally, metal roofs don’t dent or break like other materials do, making them even more resilient to various elements. All these benefits make metal roofing an attractive option when considering new roof installation or replacement needs.

Shingle Replacement Cost Estimates

Replacing your shingles is a great way to improve the look of your roof and extend its lifespan. At Pelican Bay Roofing, we offer free estimates on shingle replacement jobs that include all materials and labor costs. Our experienced team will assess the condition of your existing shingles and provide you with an accurate quote for replacing them. We also work with our customers to find the most cost-effective solution for their needs.

We understand that budget constraints can be a deciding factor when it comes to home improvement projects like replacing shingles. That's why we strive to provide competitive pricing without sacrificing quality or service. With us, you get fair prices from experienced professionals who take pride in doing excellent work every time.

Roof Repair

Maintenance Services For Long-Term Protection

At Pelican Bay Roofing, we offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure your roof is in top condition. We're dedicated to providing quality service for both commercial and residential clients. Our team of experienced technicians can help you develop a preventative plan that will keep your roof functioning optimally for years to come.

We provide:

- Regular inspections:

- Visual inspection from the ground or via drone technology to identify potential problems before they become costly repairs.

- Utilizing infrared scanning technology to detect moisture buildup behind walls or ceilings due to leaking roofs.

- Repair Services:

- Repairs on all types of roofs including shingle, tile, metal, slate, and flat roofs.

- Minor repair work such as replacing broken tiles or damaged flashing around chimneys/skylights.

- Preventative Maintenance Plans:

- Custom plans tailored to meet specific needs depending on climate conditions and type of building structure.

These are just some of the ways we strive to protect our customers’ investments and give them peace of mind knowing their property is always protected by the most reliable professionals in the industry. With regular maintenance, you can rest assured that any emerging issues with your roof will be addressed promptly and efficiently before more serious damage occurs.

Commercial And Residential Projects Welcomed

At Pelican Bay Roofing, we don't just provide maintenance services to ensure long-term protection; we also offer commercial and residential projects. We are highly experienced in all aspects of roof construction, from shingle installation to flat roofs. Our team is equipped with the latest technologies and can handle any job size or complexity.

Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to discuss your individual needs and goals before beginning a project. We guarantee quality workmanship on every job and stand behind our finished product. You can rest assured that you'll be getting superior craftsmanship along with excellent customer service when working with us

Warranties And Guarantees Offered

At Pelican Bay Roofing, we offer a variety of warranties and guarantees to ensure our customers are always satisfied with the job. We understand how important it is for you to have peace of mind that what you’ve invested in will last. That's why here's what we provide:

1. Lifetime warranty on all shingle installations

2. Five-year non-prorated labor warranty on any other service performed

3. Material manufacturer warranties up to 50 years depending on the product

4. No leak guarantee - if your roof springs a leak within one year of installation, we'll come out and fix it free of charge.

We stand by our commitment to excellence so you can rest assured that when you choose us, you're getting quality workmanship backed by unbeatable customer service. With this reliable coverage, your investment in your home or business is safe with us.

Benefits Of Hiring Local Companies

When it comes to emergency repairs, Pelican Bay Roofing is the best in town. We understand that time is of the essence when dealing with urgent roof issues and we have a team of experienced professionals ready to respond 24/7. So why should you hire us for your next project?

For starters, hiring local companies like ours has several advantages over other national chains or large-scale contractors. First and foremost, by supporting small businesses like ours, you’re helping keep money within the community while also boosting the local economy. When you work with Pelican Bay Roofing, you can trust that our crew will treat each job as if they were working on their own roof—with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship. Plus, since we’ve been serving this area for years now, we know what products work best in Florida’s unique climate conditions and how to repair any kind of damage quickly and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Experience Does Pelican Bay Roofing Have?

Pelican Bay Roofing has been providing quality roofing services for over a decade. Their experienced team of professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in the field, making them an ideal choice for any roofing project. They are committed to delivering superior craftsmanship and dependable customer service that you can trust.

The company's impressive portfolio is proof of their skill and dedication in all aspects of roof installation, repair and maintenance. No matter the size or complexity of your project, Pelican Bay Roofing will work with you to ensure it meets all requirements in terms of safety, durability and aesthetic appeal. With years of hands-on experience behind them, they guarantee outstanding results every time.

Are Pelican Bay Roofing's Services Licensed And Insured?

Are Pelican Bay Roofing's services licensed and insured? Yes, they are. We take pride in our ability to provide high-quality roofing solutions that meet all of the necessary safety regulations and codes required by local law. All of our employees have been professionally trained and certified with extensive experience in the roofing industry. Plus, we carry full liability insurance for your peace of mind.

We understand how important it is to protect your property from any unexpected damage or accidents while working on your roof project. That’s why each one of our projects comes with a two-year warranty against any factory defects such as cracking, splitting, or other structural issues caused directly by us during installation. Additionally, if you need help filing an insurance claim related to storm or wind damage repair then our team can also assist you with that process too!

At Pelican Bay Roofing, we strive to give you the best service possible so that you can feel confident in choosing us for all your roofing needs. Our experienced professionals will make sure everything meets code requirements and goes smoothly throughout the entire job – giving you the assurance that your home is safe and secure.

What Safety Protocols Does Pelican Bay Roofing Have In Place?

When it comes to roofing projects, safety is paramount. That's why Pelican Bay Roofing has implemented several protocols and procedures to ensure that all work is completed in a safe manner.

First of all, the company only employs experienced professionals who have undergone extensive training and certification programs. They understand the importance of following industry standards for safety protocols and take the necessary precautions when working on roofs. Moreover, they are provided with state-of-the-art equipment so they can carry out their tasks without any risk of injury or damage.

Pelican Bay Roofing also ensures its workers wear appropriate protective gear while on job sites. This includes hard hats, gloves, boots, eye protection, and other PPE items as needed. Furthermore, there are strict rules in place about making sure ladders are secure and scaffolding is properly assembled before anyone works at height. To further reduce risks associated with falls from heights, special harnesses may be used whenever possible.

The team takes additional measures such as:

* Setting up perimeter fencing around work areas

* Regularly inspecting tools to ensure they're functioning correctly

* Operating heavy machinery according to manufacturer guidelines

* Utilizing proper disposal techniques for hazardous materials

These steps help guarantee that everyone remains safe throughout each project's duration. We strive to provide our customers with quality service while adhering to high levels of safety compliance.

Does Pelican Bay Roofing Offer Financing?

When it comes to roofing projects, financing can be a major factor. With that in mind, does Pelican Bay Roofing offer customers financial assistance? The answer is yes! We provide various financing options for our services and understand that some of our clients may need extra help covering the cost of their project.

We have partnered with several leading lenders who specialize in home improvement loans. Our team will work closely with you to determine the best loan option available depending on your budget and needs. All of our financing offers come with competitive rates and terms which make it easier for you to get started right away. Additionally, we also accept all major credit cards if that’s more convenient for you. So no matter what your financial situation looks like, we are confident that we can find an arrangement that works for everyone involved.

What Type Of Payment Methods Does Pelican Bay Roofing Accept?

Do you need to finance your roofing project with Pelican Bay Roofing? The good news is that we accept a variety of payment methods. We provide financing options and also accept cash, check, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), debit cards and wire transfers. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

We want our customers to be comfortable and confident when paying for their projects. That's why we make sure all payments are secure and safe. Our payment system has been designed with security in mind so you can rest assured that your details will stay confidential. Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns about the payment process, our team is always on hand to help answer them. So no matter which method of payment you decide upon, we're here to assist you throughout the entire process.

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Are you in need of a quality roofing company in the Pelican Bay, Florida area? Pelican Bay Roofing is your best choice! We provide quick and efficient installation services, so you can start enjoying the benefits of your new roof in no time. Our payment plans are designed to fit your budget, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank. Plus, our inspection and maintenance services will keep your roof secure and safe for many years. In the case of unexpected roofing issues, you can count on us to be available 24/7 with our emergency services. Contact us today and let us help you with your roofing needs!

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